Simple Pleasures a Free Knitting Pattern!

Simple Pleasures a Free Knitting Pattern!

Hey friends!! 

I’m feeling so blessed to be here with y’all. We’ve made it through some rough times these past two years and although the storm isn’t behind us quite yet, there is much to be grateful for!

  1. We are still here! Each day is a gift. 
  2. We have each other. This community is a gem.
  3. Technology. We’re zooming (pun intended 🙂) past the barriers of distance and fulfilling our instinctual human connection needs— B👏🏾A👏🏾M👏🏾N👏🏾
  4. We’re getting a crash course in “whatever will be, we’ll be” and babyyyy? We’re learning just how sweet it is to let it be. 

I say we because I’ve seen the triumph and the coming together. I’ve seen the loss, coupled with support and unconditional love. I’ve seen the realizations, the acknowledgments, and the epiphanies. I’ve seen you, me, us—so I say WE.

As a token of my gratitude, I’ve created my first pattern of 2022, and it’s right here in this blog! The pattern is called Simple Pleasures. It is a scarf, knit with worsted weight yarn held double. The squish factor is unreal! I created the two scarves in the picture back in 2019 before the shit hit the fan 🥲 In an effort to hone in on the simplicity of life, I decided a pattern was in order! Please enjoy!



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