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Whitney Marie Anderson



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Make a monetary donation to help my small business.

As most of you know, I use social media to share news and updates about the products I have available. Unfortunately, my primary social media presence has been suppressed and this has lowered my ability to reach potential customers, including those who follow me. Subsequently, I am experiencing a major plummet in my income and my business as a whole is suffering. I run this business on my own and recently I’ve had to make some changes to how I operate and what I offer. 

This is much more than just a business to me, it is an extension of me. It is the only thing I have that is mine alone. I am attempting to adapt and make changes, which requires me to do a lot of upfront work.

You heard it here first, I am shifting into the role of teaching and guidance for other creatives. I will continue to create, but I will be teaching others to do the same in the form of free tutorials and paid courses. I cannot afford to close up shop while I make these changes, as I still have products I need to sell. I’m accepting donations here rather than starting a GoFundMe or using ko-fi so that I can keep it simple. Those who are interested in donating any amount $50 or more can also take advantage of the shop pay installments here.

If you want to contribute, any amount will make a difference. Pick an amount from the options, or combine amounts if you don’t see the specific number you would like to give.

How the money will be spent:

1. Supplies (clay, hardware, etc.)

2. Tools (Lucy brand clay tools)

3. Desktop Computer (iMac and accessories)

4. Camera specifically for filming

5. Miscellaneous & monthly operating expenses 

When you make a contribution, you help me get closer to making this business the powerhouse it deserves to be. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for considering making a contribution!


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Episode 14

Check out my YouTube podcast, episode 14. I talk about my finished objects, current projects, and more!