Abstract Panels and Rorschach Blotches

Abstract Panels and Rorschach Blotches

Hey Readers!

If you didn't already know this, I'm a mom of four. Each of my littles has watched me move through hundreds of projects, using dozens of mediums. Typically when I am working a project, they ask to participate and I give them a portion of supplies.

Image of Galactic Barbie

The kids know that I put my projects up for sale on my website, and my oldest two have asked to put their own stuff up for sale. I've always said no, because I don't want them worried about selling things, but my oldest asked me "Why, not? Does it need to be more professional?" That question got me thinking! HECK NAH, it doesn't need to be! Not knowing how to approach this, my no upgraded to a someday and we moved along. 

My kids switched from asking, to BEGGING to make stuff to sell in my shop. They finally wore me down, and here we are! I guided them through the abstract art process, encouraging them to paint freely and not worry about perfection. Finished each painting with gold leaf, gold edging, and sealed them. Then I used what I call the Rorschach Naming Method in order to give these pieces their titles. Each painting brought out a different feeling, pretty amazing!

Image of Daydreaming

I'll be using the proceeds from canvas purchases to fund their love for art. They've been asking for Posca Pens and Bristol Paper, and those things are high quality $$. Can't wait to see what they create next!


XO Whit





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