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Whitney Marie Anderson

Affirmations Mood Hook - Color Changing Crochet Hook

Affirmations Mood Hook - Color Changing Crochet Hook

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Color changing crochet hooks! The hook handles are hand-rolled, made from polymer clay and coated with resin. Affirmation messages will vary.


• I am worthy

• I am loved

• I am strong

• I am enough

Final width of the handles varies, however, the total length of all hooks is between 5.5” and 6”.

These hook handles change color when exposed to warmth greater than 77° (ie: warmth from hands). The black outer layer turns translucent when exposed to warmth, revealing the affirmation message below. They will revert back to black when removed from warmth. 

*inspired by the mood jewelry of the 80s/90s*

PREORDER: Please allow 3 weeks for production. 

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